Immigrants Die in Mediterranean Sea

More and more people,trying to escape from Northern Africa to Europe are dying in the cold waters of the Mediterranean Sea.  Authorities in Libya believe that there are organized traffickers who are sending these people on a dangerous journey.

A total of almost 35,000 migrants have already made the journey to Europe this year and many more are sure to follow. Experts say that the smuggling of humans may be worth a total of up to 600m Euros every year.

Many poor people in Northern African countries want to escape from life in poverty and start a new life in Europe. They are often so devastated that they trust human traffickers with the passage to Europe. Lybian authorities claim they cannot deal with the massive ammounts of trafficking in their country. In addition , officials are often corrupt and work together with smugglers. They are businessmen who do not put themselves on danger themselves but hire others to do the task of bringing people to Euriope.