The Nepalese government has announced plans to build a modern highway into the Everest mountain region. It hopes to bring even more tourists to a country that is desperately in need of money for its poor population. Critics, however, are sceptical, because such a road could bring more damage to the environment. Today, thousands of mountain climbers from all over the world come to Nepal to conquer the highest mountains of the world..

Plans call for the new road to be built to Lukla, a place from which most of the Everest expeditions start . At the moment  there are no roads that connect Lukla to the rest of Nepal. The local airport is the only way in and out of the region. Bad weather often leads to the cancellation of flights to Lukla. A new road would, therefore, make it possible for adventurers to reach starting point of expeditions in worse weather conditions.

The government hopes that the new highway will have a positive effect on the local population. Land prices along the highway may go up, new businesses will emerge along the new road and local people may find new jobs. This could also lead to fewer people leaving the region to work somewhere else.

Environmentalists warn that a new Nepal highway could also have negative effects on the environment. There are already over 30,000 mountaineers who come to the Everest region every year. The new road could lead to more adventurers who leave their waste in the area. This year Nepal’s government has passed a new law that makes visitors take their waste with them.

But for people who live in remote villages the planned Nepal highway could mean a better life and a rise in the standard of living.

The Tensing Hillary Airport in Lukla is the only way to reach the remote region.

The Tensing Hillary Airport in Lukla is the only way to reach the remote region.

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East Timor is a poor island nation in southeastern Asia. It is known as one of the world’s smoking capitals, in which two out of three men smoke regularly.

Cigarettes can be bought everywhere in the country, most of them for under $1 per packet. The World Health Organisation thinks that a third of East Timor’s population are smokers. Each year more and more young adults, especially boys, start smoking. Most cigarettes are brought in from neighboring Indonesia.

Smoking is allowed everywhere; in bars , restaurants and hotels. The government does not want to forbid smoking because it brings them a lot of money.

The Prime Minister of East Timor, a former guerrilla leader who fought for the country’s independence in 1975, says that cigarettes were the only thing they had when they fought in the jungles of the island nation. Even though he admits being a heavy smoker he says that it will take a lot of time and patience to achieve a healthier East Timor.

Tobacco companies are focusing on young people in East Timor. Many are under age, some even as young as 9 or 10, and already addicted to smoking. Many doctors fear that smoking will do permanent damage to the population’s health over a longer period of time. Tuberculosis is slowly becoming East Timor’s number one illness.

One of the big problems lies in health education in schools, where some teachers even smoke during lessons.

Almost four out of five smokers around the world live in developing countries. They believe it is fashionable to smoke because it makes them look more Western. While anti-smoking activists are fighting against mass smoking , many health experts say that the government is not doing enough to stop it.

Location of East Timor

Location of East Timor

Source : BBC News

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A hundred million touritss from China travel to all corners of the world every year. And countries around the world are fighting desparately to attract these tourists as they know Chinese big spenders will bring them money throughout the follwoing decades. In 2013 Chienese travellers spent over 100 billion dollars abroad.

A booming eocnomy and a growing Chinese middle class has allowed more poeple to travel than ever before.

France has started hring plicemen form China to protect tourists in Paris and other cities. Many ocuntries, including the united States and Great Britainn are not requiring visas and more for Chinese travellers.

Chinese credit cards are being more and mroe accepted in Europe and elsewhere.

Although shopping has become the main activity for Chinese abroad, many go to other countries for sports and leisure activities.  Canada, for example , wants to help Chinese touritss during the winter months by hiring Chinese skiing instructors.

hotels, airports, shopping malls have been hiring Mandarin speakers Sometimes it even helps most to be friendly.


China’s travellers want luxury goods like Louis Viotoon bags and Rollex watches and they will do anything and go anywhere to get them. China is becoming the biggets markezt for luxury goods. Luxury iems are bought as status symbols. they buy them abroad because there are higih taxes on luxury goods inside China.

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