• Behaviour of Whales and Dolphins Connected to Brain Size

    Scientists have found out that the behaviour of marine mammals, especially dolphins and whales, is connected to their brain  size . In a recent study, researchers have found out that mammals […]

  • Google Maps Navigates Through Solar System

    In addition to finding any place on Earth,  Google Maps now lets you navigate through space too.  It has recently added two dwarf planets, Pluto and Ceres, as well as […]

  • Thousands of Penguin Babies Die in the Antarctic

    Thousands of penguin babies have starved to death in the eastern Antarctic recently . Observers found thousands of unhatched eggs and lifeless baby penguins  on the coast. According to scientists , only two […]

  • Where Did Easter Island Inhabitants Really Come From?

    Easter Island , or Rapa Nui as the natives call themselves , belongs to the remotest  places on earth.  The Chilean island, famous for its carved statues,  is located in […]

  • Massive Hole Discovered in Antarctic Ice

    Scientists have discovered a gigantic hole that has reappeared in the Antarctic ice. It is about the size of the Netherlands and is located around the Weddell Sea. In the 1970s climatologists found […]

  • 2011 Tsunami Drives Marine Animals to US Coast

    The 2011 tsunami , which led to the nuclear catastrophe at Fukushima, has swept thousands of sea creatures across the Pacific Ocean to the  US coast. In the past 6 […]

  • Italian Supervolcano May Erupt Soon

    Scientists have discovered that one of the world’s most dangerous volcanoes , Campi Flegrei, a huge caldera near Naples may erupt soon. Geologists have  found evidence that magma may be  […]

  • NASA’s Mission to the Sun

    The American space agency NASA is planning a mission to the sun in order to explore the outer atmosphere of our solar system’s star. The Parker Solar Probe and will […]

  • Largest and Smallest Animals At Risk of Becoming Extinct

    Researchers have found out that the size of an animal is important when it comes to extinction. Scientists have determined that the biggest and the smallest animals are more at […]

  • Mission Cassini Coming To An End

    After 20 years in space NASA’s Cassini mission is coming to an end in April. The  spacecraft  , which was  launched  in 1997 to explore Saturn and its moons, is running out […]