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  • Dog Ownership May Improve Your Health

    A Swedish publication released recently says that having a dog could not only make your life more worthwhile but actually save it. Apart from being great companions, especially for single […]

  • Behaviour of Whales and Dolphins Connected to Brain Size

    Scientists have found out that the behaviour of marine mammals, especially dolphins and whales, is connected to their brain  size . In a recent study, researchers have found out that mammals […]

  • Thousands of Penguin Babies Die in the Antarctic

    Thousands of penguin babies have starved to death in the eastern Antarctic recently . Observers found thousands of unhatched eggs and lifeless baby penguins  on the coast. According to scientists , only two […]

  • Largest and Smallest Animals At Risk of Becoming Extinct

    Researchers have found out that the size of an animal is important when it comes to extinction. Scientists have determined that the biggest and the smallest animals are more at […]