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  • Gold Found in Switzerland’s Sewers

    Researchers have found that 3 million dollars worth of gold lands in Switzerland’s sewage system every year. After taking a close look at Swiss waste-water treatment plants, they claim that […]

  • World’s Second Largest Diamond Sold

    The second largest diamond ever mined has been sold to a private owner at a public¬† auction in London. The Canadian company Lucara brought the diamond to the surface in […]

  • Diesel Cars Cause Thousands of Premature Deaths in Europe

    According to a new report, diesel cars have caused ¬†thousands of premature deaths in Europe in the past few years. These deaths could have been avoided if countries had met […]

  • Gotthard Base Tunnel Becomes World’s Longest Railway Tunnel

    The world’s longest railway tunnel, the Gotthard Base Tunnel, was opened after many years of construction. Trains can travel at speeds of up to 250 km an hour through the […]