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  • NASA Fires Voyager 1 Thrusters After 37 Years

    Voyager 1 is the first man-made object to leave the solar system. 37 years after it was launched, NASA’s engineers fired the spacecraft’s backup thrusters. The primary thrusters have been getting weaker […]

  • World’s Largest Battery in South Australia

    The world’s largest battery has gone into operation in Australia. American technology giant Tesla built the 100-megawatt lithium-ion battery for South Australia’s state government. The battery was connected to the power grid only  2 […]

  • Automation Could Cost Up To 800 Million Jobs

    Up to 800 million people worldwide could lose their jobs because of automation. About half of them will have to learn new skills to get another job. In the United States […]

  • Artificial Light Makes Our World Brighter

    A new study of satellite images has revealed that our planet is getting brighter and brighter during the night. More and more artificial lighting may cause harm not only to humans and animals but […]

  • NASA Software Shows How Sea Level Rises Affect Cities

    NASA scientists have created a new software program that can show how cities in coastal regions are endangered by flooding and sea level rise caused by global warming. The simulation shows how 300 […]

  • China Overtakes US in Number of Supercomputers

    For the first time in history, China has overtaken the United States in the number of supercomputers.  Currently, China has a total of 202 of the world’s 500 fastest computers, […]

  • Brain Scans Could Predict Suicide Thoughts

    A new study shows that brain scans might be able to find out if people are thinking about killing themselves. Scientists have trained a computer program to examine the thoughts […]

  • Mysterious Chamber Discovered in Egyptian Pyramid

    A mysterious chamber in an  Egyptian pyramid has been recently discovered by scientists. A special technique shows a  large void hidden in the Great Pyramid of Giza  near Cairo The ScansPyramid project, […]

  • Google Maps Navigates Through Solar System

    In addition to finding any place on Earth,  Google Maps now lets you navigate through space too.  It has recently added two dwarf planets, Pluto and Ceres, as well as […]

  • Sidewalk Toronto – City of the Future in Canada

    Sidewalk Labs, a Google company, has announced  plans to build a futuristic city in Toronto, Canada. The new urban area, called Sidewalk Toronto, aims at turning the waterfront of Lake Ontario […]