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  • Singapore Bans Additional Cars

    The government of Singapore has announced that it will ban further cars from its streets and roads starting in February 2018 . Authorities in the island state want to avoid […]

  • End of Australia’s Car Industry

    The last car , a General Motors Holden, has come off the production line in Adelaide, Australia.  It ends a 90-year long era of car manufacturing in Australia.  At its […]

  • Sidewalk Toronto – City of the Future in Canada

    Sidewalk Labs, a Google company, has announced  plans to build a futuristic city in Toronto, Canada. The new urban area, called Sidewalk Toronto, aims at turning the waterfront of Lake Ontario […]

  • Diesel Cars Cause Thousands of Premature Deaths in Europe

    According to a new report, diesel cars have caused  thousands of premature deaths in Europe in the past few years. These deaths could have been avoided if countries had met […]