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  • Australia Bans Climbing Uluru

    Authorities at Uluru National Park have announced that tourists will no longer be allowed to climb up to the top of Australia’s most famous landmark. The ban will take effect […]

  • Singapore Bans Additional Cars

    The government of Singapore has announced that it will ban further cars from its streets and roads starting in February 2018 . Authorities in the island state want to avoid […]

  • Google Maps Navigates Through Solar System

    In addition to finding any place on Earth,  Google Maps now lets you navigate through space too.  It has recently added two dwarf planets, Pluto and Ceres, as well as […]

  • New Airport Opens on Remote St. Helena

    The first commercial flight landed on the British island of St. Helena a few days ago.  It was the first passenger flight ever to land on the remote island, located  […]

  • Where Did Easter Island Inhabitants Really Come From?

    Easter Island , or Rapa Nui as the natives call themselves , belongs to the remotest  places on earth.  The Chilean island, famous for its carved statues,  is located in […]

  • Thailand Bans Smoking on Beaches

    The government of Thailand has announced that smoking on tourist beaches will not be allowed any more. Those who do not obey the new law must pay a fine of […]

  • Diesel Cars Cause Thousands of Premature Deaths in Europe

    According to a new report, diesel cars have caused  thousands of premature deaths in Europe in the past few years. These deaths could have been avoided if countries had met […]

  • Gotthard Base Tunnel Becomes World’s Longest Railway Tunnel

    The world’s longest railway tunnel, the Gotthard Base Tunnel, was opened after many years of construction. Trains can travel at speeds of up to 250 km an hour through the […]

  • Heathrow Airport Celebrates 70th Anniversary

    London’s Heathrow Airport is celebrating its 70th anniversary.  The airport opened commercial services in 1946. Today over 70 million people pass through Heathrow Airport every year. It services 180 destinations  […]