European Super League Collapses Two Days After Signing of Agreement

The European Super League (ESL) has collapsed only two days after the agreement had been signed by 12 European football clubs. 6 clubs from the English Premiere League as well as 3 teams each from Spain and Italy wanted to break away from the European football organization UEFA and form their own internal competition.

After a day of protest and outrage from fans and supporters the English clubs started to pull out one by one, creating a domino effect and leaving only Real Madrid and FC Barcelona in the competition.

The owners of the clubs wanted to create a league that would give them more money. During the COVID-19 pandemic top football clubs lost millions in income because spectators were not allowed into the stadiums.

The new league would offer the 12 founding clubs permanent membership where they would not have to be afraid of being relegated. Other European clubs would be permitted on a seasonal basis.

After fans protested in front of stadiums, club officials of apologized, saying that their decision to leave the traditional European football structure was a serious mistake.

Some clubs, however, have stated that they still wanted a change in the structure of European football.

Liverpool FC was one of the English clubs of the new European Super League


  • agreement = here: promise to do something, made by two or more clubs
  • collapse = break apart, break down
  • founding clubs = the 12 clubs that started the league
  • income = money that a club gets from viewers, selling tickets etc..
  • internal competition = only the clubs of the league would play against each other and not let any other club into their league
  • offer = give
  • officials = the people who run a club
  • outrage = feeling of anger and shock
  • pandemic = disease that affects many people in all areas of the world
  • permanent membership = to be part of something forever
  • permit = allow
  • relegate = to move to a lower league
  • serious = very bad
  • spectators = the fans who watch the matches in a stadium