IBM Creates New Powerful Computer Chip

IBM has created a new computer chip that will improve performance by 50%. 50 billion transistors can be placed on a 2nm chip the size of a fingernail. Up to now IBM, has produced 7nm chips. More transistors, the basic parts of computer chips, lead to better performance.

In addition, the new chip uses up to 75% less energy. This will increase the battery life of cell phones dramatically. The chip is also expected to boost performance in huge datacenters that need a lot of power. Faster graphic cards and speedier object detection on cameras are other effects of the new chip. Artificial intelligence, which relies heavily on computing power, would profit massively from a new generation of chips.

Even though computer experts are excited about the new development, it will take a few years before the new chip can be mass-produced. This comes at a time when a shortage of computer chips has hit major manufacturing areas, including the automobile industry and smartphone production.

For years IBM has been concentrating on chip development and sold its chip production in 2014.


  • artificial intelligence = the way computers do intelligent things that people can do, like thinking and making decisions
  • boost = increase, make better
  • concentrate = focus on
  • datacenter = large building with many computers
  • development = making a new product
  • effects= results
  • even though= while
  • heavily = a lot
  • hit = affect
  • huge = very large
  • improve = to make better
  • increase = improve, to make better
  • in addition = also
  • manufacturing = production
  • mass-produced = to make something cheaply in large numbers
  • object detection = the way you find and identify an object or person
  • performance = how well something works
  • rely on = need
  • shortage = not enough
  • speedier = faster
  • transistor = a very small object that controls the flow of electricity