Portugal Opens World’s Longest Suspension Bridge

The world’s longest pedestrian bridge opened on Sunday in Arouca, in northern Portugal. The suspension bridge spans 516 meters across a canyon of the Paiva river. It hangs on steel cables connected to two massive towers. Tourists who walk on the bridge can watch the fast-moving river over 170 meters below them.

The mayor of Arouca hopes the new bridge will be an additional attraction to the Arouca Geopark, a region where tourists experience all kinds of outdoor adventures, including hiking , rafting, biking and other activities.

The bridge cost 2.3 million euros and was completed in 2 years. The previous record for the longest pedestrian suspension bridge was held by Randa in the Swiss Alps.

Arouca Geopark in Northern Portugal
Ricardo Oliveira, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons


  • additional = extra
  • canyon = deep valley with very steep sides that has a river running at the bottom
  • completed = finished
  • experience = here: something great that happens to you
  • hiking = taking walks in the mountains
  • massive = very large and heavy
  • mayor = person who is the head of a city
  • pedestrian= someone who is walking
  • previous = earlier, up to now
  • rafting = travelling in a raft on a fast-moving river
  • span = distance from one side to the other
  • steel = very strong metal
  • suspension bridge = bridge that hangs from heavy steel ropes that are connected to towers