Microsoft Ends Internet Explorer in 2022

Microsoft is saying good-bye to the Internet Explorer. The company has announced that from June 2022 on it will no longer pack the legendary browser with its Windows operating system.

The software company has been trying to replace the Internet Explorer for some years. In 2015, it introduced the IE’s successor Edge. It is faster, more secure and can display modern websites better.

The Internet Explorer was first released over 25 years ago with the Windows 95 operating system. At the time it was a revolutionary browser that proved to be a strong competitor to Netscape’s Navigator. By the beginning of the new millennium, the browser’s market share rose to 95 %.

As time went on, the Internet Explorer became slower and more unreliable. Users started looking for alternatives and found them in Mozilla Firefox and Google’s Chrome browser. Today Chrome, is the most popular browser with a market share of 70%. Only 4% of Windows users are surfing the web with the Internet Explorer.

Even though Microsoft is shutting down the browser, Edge will still have a special mode for diehard IE fans.


  • announce = to say something officially; in public
  • competitor = alternative
  • diehard = here: those who want to use the old browser no matter how good new ones are
  • display = show
  • even though = while
  • introduce = start
  • legendary = very famous and popular for a long time
  • market share = the percentage of sales that a product has around the world
  • millennium = the year 2000; the beginning of the next thousand years
  • pack = here: to put software into the operating system
  • release = to make available for people to use
  • replace = here: to develop something else instead
  • revolutionary = completely new and different
  • rise – rose = to go up
  • secure = safe
  • shut down = close; not develop anymore
  • successor = here: a browser that has taken the IE’s place
  • unreliable = here: it doesn’t always work the way it should